Shipping & Delivery


Hey there! VeryCrate is currently not accepting orders, but we are still shipping orders for our existing customers! Please look through our policies before reaching out to ensure urgent emails are not over-whelmed by common questions! Thank you! Orders from March to May are experiencing delays from the carriers because of COVID-19, please reach out to check on the location of your order or use "Track Your Order" page. 😇

  • Which carriers is delivering my order?

For domestic customers (USA), USPS will be delivering your order. For Canada and United Kingdom we use a 4PX shipping line. All orders include tracking numbers. Please refer to the tabs below to learn how to track your order.

  • Where is my shipping confirmation email?

You will be able to find your shipping confirmation email in the email you filled out your order with. You can use the search feature to search "Very Crate" or "VeryCrate" to find the shipping confirmation. If there is no shipping confirmation, please contact us to find out if there were any technical occurrences. The shipping confirmation is a confirmation that your order is on the way. Please note that due to COVID-19 and the new shipping line we are using, delays may arise. Please give 20-30 business days for your delivery after receiving the shipping confirmation email. Contact us to see the shipping label.



Tracking your orders online can be difficult but no worries! VeryCrate makes it easy to find the status of your order. 

  • United States

We are using USPS to ship your orders. Please expect 20-30 business days from the time you receive your shipping confirmation for your delivery. During the transit period, your order may not have updates since we are using a slower, more competitively priced USPS line to keep up with customer demand and delays. You will receive updates upon the order "out for delivery".

To track your order and sign-up for updates, head over to the "Track Your Order" page or track it directly on the USPS website.

For proof of shipment for ease of mind, reach out to us to see the shipment label.

We apologize for any delays, we guarantee it'll be worth the wait. 😇

  • United Kingdom & Canada

We use 4PX to delivery orders to the United Kingdom and Canada. Canada Post expressed they are experiencing delays up to 30 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to do anything about this. Please sign up for automatic updates via sms or email.



During these times, Very Crate is still operating and shipping orders to customers! This is a difficult time for everyone and we're working hard to adapt to this new reality!

There is nothing to worry about! We are shipping and operating as normal since we are an online based brand. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of everyone in the Very Crate community - our customers, our team and our partners. We constantly make sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to. This is our top priority and we will be closely monitoring this situation for any updates to maintain appropriate policies.

We apologize as our fulfillment times will be longer than usual, and may continue to increase until things get back to normal. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

We're closely communicating with our partners make sure they can supply us with adequate stock levels. We're also glad to report that we're seeing a surge in orders, which means people are loving Very Crate! We appreciate your patience and support during crazy times like these!

Small American businesses like ours heavily depend on you during these times.

Even Amazon has expressed that it's experiencing delays of up to 1 month!



These are frequent questions/answer and notes we want our customers to know!

  • Where does Very Crate ship to?

Currently, Very Crate is taking no new orders. We are only focusing on existing customers as our initiative to recoup from the COVID-19 delays our customers had to experience. We're doubling down on customer service! For existing customers, your package will find its way to you soon. Make sure to sign up for automatic shipment updates so you don't have to check daily!

  • Are there any shipping delays?

Yes, you can expect shipping delays. More countries are limiting passenger flights and closing their borders. While this doesn't directly impact cargo, fewer passenger flights mean fewer transit options for shipments and longer lines at borders.

Delays are being felt industry-wide.

We're also disabling Express and Overnight shipping methods for international orders as our carriers can't guarantee fast delivery.

We're in touch with our carriers and they'll notify us of any more disruptions. We also recommend you follow your local news for any regional disruptions.

  • Is it safe to receive packages?

The CDC has reported that COVID-19 does not spread through packages. It is safe to order online. Carriers follow social-distancing practices and use PPE equipment too!

Where can I find the returns and refunds page?

Please click here to be redirected to the returns and refunds page.



You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the tracking link once your order ships. From there, please refer to the time-frames below.

Please note these are only estimates, orders may arrive before or after the expected time frame. 

If you have not received your order after the expected timeframe, please contact us with your order number so we can look into your order. We can also forward you the actual shipping label for confirmation of shipping-- we understand delays can cause anxiety!



United States

USPS, 20-30 Business Days


Canada Post, 20-30 Business Days

United Kingdom

Royal Mail, 20-30 Business Days



Our #1 priority here at Very Crate is your satisfaction. This means we stand by our products 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you a free replacement. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer care team. We're here for you. Satisfaction. Guaranteed.